We believe in the best care possible for dairy heifer, bull and abandoned calves and other farm animals, 100% whole milk fresh from the dairy, Vitamins, supplements, pelletized grain, cereal hay and veterinary care. Calf Token is a Refi crypto currency project to integrate animal ethics within the dairy industry and help bull and abandoned calves.

Calf Token puts the Ethics into Milk.

With the purchase of Calf Token, you will be directly helping to support these calves.

All calves are treated with the utmost care and respect.

We have created Calf Mega Giveaway NFTs please join Cause for the Calves discord for all information. CMR NFTs are available for the next 30 days.

We have a vast list [23 atm] of kind communities that have donated various gifts to CMR giveaway, we are still accepting donation's and we will announce a preliminary list of donors soon. We are going to have the award for 1st and 2nd drawn NFT tickets, definitely worth $$$. The proceeds is to help with the final release of MOOTOPIA to our community. MOOTOPIA is designed for Calf Token to be the sole utility token we're also able to integrate other communities within MOOTOPIA, this allows for cross community promotion and Calf Token to be at the forefront of many other community collaboration promotion and participation.

Calf Token Contract Address 0x55F92a211Fa8ECAE297de480B05079510D76539A


If you want to use Any to Any on a mobile device, please be aware that all crypto wallets have disabled all iframe widgets from mobile. No dApp can use it. However, there is a simple work around please press button below to go to an instructional page. Many thanks.


Calf Token Benefits

Calf Token has an 5% buy Fee, 5% sell Fee and 0% transfer Fee and 100% of these Fees are returned to holders, paid as rewards in BTCB Coin. The two treasury's that Calf Token holds will receive its equal share of the rewards. Calf Token Project will use the BTCB Coin rewards from Token Treasury for all protocol operation expenses i.e., Liquidity Adds and assist with calf rearing from the Farm Treasury.

Keith Owner/Farmer

Stacey Owner/Farmer



Rick CMO

Business Partners


Partner Projects

Please visit Salty Sharks Uprising Website as they are also and amazing project caring for SeaLife


Please join Cause for the Calves Discord to earn Calf Token just for participating